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Jewelry allergy question and answer


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Q: There is only one piece of red on the skin with jewelry

Answer: First, take a look at what kind of jewelry you are wearing. Because some metal jewelry contains too much nickel, some people are more prone to allergies. And some people are prone to allergies, try not to bring jewelry.

It is recommended to check for allergens. You need to avoid taboos in life. Once you find that something is an allergen, you can't touch it again. For example, seafood, pollen, dust, etc. are all allergens. The best way is to avoid allergens.

Q: Are people allergic to metal products allergic to titanium steel?

Answer: Always pay attention to clean skin. It is not advisable to remove keratin. Daily protection should be strengthened. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. It is forbidden to scratch the affected area with your hands, live a regular life, be calm, and avoid excessive stress.

Q: Is it sick that the jewelry you wear turns black?

Answer: Jewelry will be oxidized and blackened if it is exposed to air, water and sweat for a long time. You can go to the local jewelry store to re-sand, polish, and it will become brand new.

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