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Customized jewelry is the trend of social development


                                                                                                                                                         Customized jewelry is the trend of social development

            With the rise of a new generation of consumer groups, jewelry processing plants are no longer satisfied with mass-produced standardized products, but custom jewelry that more reflects brand characteristics and jewelry design concepts is also increasingly favored by mass consumers. Custom jewelry processing Jewelry has become a popular trend in the jewelry market.

            According to Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd., the sales of jewelry products in 2019 reached 290 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4% over the previous year, and this year there is also an upward trend, and the jewelry processing industry has a good development prospect. With the improvement of people's aesthetic taste and the change of consumer concept, "precious" is no longer the only selection standard for jewelry, and more and more people pursue different.

          In recent months, in addition to customers providing samples to us for production and processing, more customers choose to provide design concepts or patterns that require customized jewelry processing. They believe that the rapid update of jewellery in the market, the choice of many styles, and fashionable and unique customized jewelry processing jewelry can attract consumers, and it is no longer feasible to sell popular style jewelry in the same way as before.

          Keke Jewelry Company believes that the production method of customized jewelry processing is not only the current trend in the jewelry market, but also the center of gravity of the development of the jewelry industry.

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