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How to choose wedding jewelry?


                                                                                                                                                                   How to choose wedding jewelry?

The wedding moment of a woman once in a lifetime will not happen soon! How to become the most beautiful bride of the day is inseparable from the embellishment of perfect jewelry. For brides, how to choose wedding jewelry?

1. Appearance quality

From the appearance point of view, it needs good gloss, pure color, smooth solder joints, and the engraving fancy must be clear. When trying it on, see if it feels tricky or uncomfortable. For example, the position of the gem should be centered with no offset.

Second, according to their own conditions

When choosing wedding jewelry, consider the external conditions such as your age, body shape, skin color, and face shape.

Younger brides can choose a little more fashionable, and the colors can also be bold and lively;

If it is a middle-aged and elderly woman, choose pure texture and stable colors jewelry will be more suitable;

Women with slim body and delicate skin are suitable for wearing jewelry with dark stones;

Women with a slightly fat body and dark complexion should wear jewelry with good transparency and light-colored gemstones;

Also, long neck is suitable for wearing earrings; ladies with short neck should choose granular earrings.

3. According to personal hobby and jewelry meaning

Different people have their own preferences for all kinds of jewelry. You can choose the meaning you like with the meaning of jewelry itself!

For example, diamond diamonds express strength and perseverance;

Red and blue diamonds symbolize enthusiasm and boldness;

Jade represents subtle and deep;

Agate symbolizes fantasy and firmness;

Corundum represents simplicity and eternity;

Pearls symbolize virginity and purity.

Just choose the right jewelry and make sure you become the most shining heroine.


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