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Knowledge of children's jewelry


Many young mothers like to wear some accessories for their babies to make their babies look cute. The technicians of Foshan Keke Jewelry & Accessories Co., Ltd. tell you that if the accessories are not appropriate, it will cause some harm to the baby.

Knowledge of children's jewelry

1. It can cause radiation sickness: People will inevitably have a small amount of radioactive elements remaining in them during mining, smelting and making gold jewelry. When wearing jewelry containing radioactive elements, the skin is exposed to radiation for a long time, which can cause radioactive jewelry sickness and even lead to radiation sickness. |Malignant lesions of the baby's blood bones and reproductive system.

2. Vulnerable skin: The baby's skin is very delicate, and the accessories worn will stimulate the local skin to be rubbed and damage the skin. Some low-end jewelry has sharp and hard corners in the shape, and the workmanship is rough, some interfaces are not aligned, and some rough pieces are not only polished, but are easy to irritate or scratch the skin. If germs invade and multiply, they may also cause secondary infections and cause systemic diseases.

3. Accident-prone: Babies are very active by nature and will often put things in their mouths and explore by biting. Some jewelry materials are heavy metals, such as gold, silver, etc. If you put them in your mouth, it may cause heavy metal poisoning in your baby. In addition, some small ornaments are easily swallowed by the baby or stuck in the throat, causing suffocation. Babies with skin allergies and allergies can cause allergic symptoms after contact with metal ornaments, redness, swelling, papules, blisters, etc. at the contact site, other allergic lesions may occur if they are not treated in time.

If some parents insist on letting the baby wear jewelry, try to choose jewelry that is harmless and conducive to the healthy growth of the baby. When buying metal jewelry, you must pass the quality inspection, and only those with a reputable merchant can buy it.

Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel children's jewelry. Children's necklaces, children's pendants, children's bow ties, children's brooches, children's bracelets, children's rings can be customized!

children's jewelry

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