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What is the order volume of general rings in the jewelry factory?


Due to the large scale of the ring factory, too few quantities can not be online, so manufacturers will have a minimum order requirement when receiving orders.

Every ring factory has an assembly line that contains many processes.

To make a small ring, the craftsmanship can reach more than ten or twenty, depending on the craft style of the product.

If the quantity of your order cannot meet the requirements of the factory, it will be difficult for the factory to accept the order. A small quantity means that you have to lose money to enter, which is why the factory has a minimum order requirement.

The minimum order quantity for rings produced by the ring processing factory

1. Customers provide simple pictures or real objects by themselves, and we do it according to customers' requirements. In this case, our minimum order quantity is at least 200 pieces.

2. Customers come to our factory to select samples, and then they can directly produce after placing an order. In this case, our minimum order of 100 pieces can be customized.

Maybe many customers will not understand. Why do you need to provide pictures or samples yourself, and your MOQ is more at the beginning?

Since a new product needs to go from 3D drawing to sample, and then let the customer confirm, finally can be completed.

Each process must be re-scheduled, so the output is low and cannot enter the production line.

Since the samples provided by our factory have been scheduled for production on the production line, they can be produced directly.

Therefore, the order is less than what the customer provides.

If customers return orders, we can start with 100 pieces. This number should also be the MOQ of most ring factories.

The experience of the ring manufacturer tells you: to deal with small quantities of custom jewelry, and some factories will reduce the minimum order quantity of 100 pieces according to the number of styles of customers.

Like some accessories with lower unit prices or difficult craftsmanship, the factory may need at least 200 MOQs to produce.

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