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Should the bracelet be worn on the left or right hand?


Most people buy bracelets, always entangled with left hand or right hand. Some people think that "men are left and women are right", and that women should wear bracelets on their right hands and men should wear them on their left hands. So how do you wear it?

Should the bracelet be worn on the left or right hand?

1. From a cultural perspective

Bracelets are a kind of sustenance, a connection between mother and daughter, and the mother's hope for the next generation. The jade bracelet is worn on the left hand, closest to the heart, and is the best communication and fusion between the heart and the jade bracelet. Therefore, maternal friends usually wear jade bracelets on their left hands.

2. From the theory of Chinese medicine

On our left hand, there is an acupuncture point called "Shenmen Point". All the movements of the hands are passed through acupuncture points. Therefore, wearing jadeite on the left hand can massage the meridians and flesh and blood and balance the heart rate.

3. From the perspective of Buddhist culture

There is a theory in Buddhism called "Left in and right out". People work with both hands, but the right hand is long to do things, and the left hand is more idle. Therefore, according to Buddhist theory, the left hand is cleaner. Wearing the bracelet on the left hand is intended to absorb the cleanliness and power of the world.

Fourth, from the perspective of living habits

In daily life, we use the right hand the most. Wearing a bracelet on the right hand often licks the wrist. Not only is it inconvenient to do things, but it is also easy to bump the bracelet and cause damage. Therefore, in life, most friends wear left hands.

Nowadays, people wear bracelets, except for some fragile bracelets, such as jade bracelets, jade bracelets, and beeswax bracelets, which are traditionally worn. The bracelets of other materials are all fashioned and worn.

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