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Three general principles for choosing a bracelet


                                                                                                                                                             Three general principles for choosing a bracelet

    If you want the bracelet to show the greatest charm and better highlight the beauty, there are three categories: length principle, quantity principle, and color principle when choosing a bracelet combination.

1. Length principle: The length principle is easy to be ignored. When choosing the length of jewelry, the most important thing is to choose according to the curve of your hand. Only a bracelet that fits your wrist can play the role of showing thinness and temperament. Like small meaty hands, those with more sensuality on the hands and softer hand lines are more suitable for medium and long jewelry, which can play a good role in neutralizing the hand lines. Of course, if your hands are already thin, you should avoid medium and long bracelets.

Second, the color principle: when choosing a bracelet, the color is also easily overlooked. In fact, it is not only necessary to pay attention to the matching of colors in clothing matching, but also in the matching of accessories. The principle of harmony with the same color must be followed, so that the visual effect will be better. If the overall tone of the clothing is more serious, then the accessories can choose a more lively color that is a little bit more active, so that you can not lose some exquisite care in the seriousness. Of course, if you wear a pure white set of the same color, then the bracelet should also be the same color.

3. Quantity principle: Many people have such a misunderstanding in jewelry matching, that is, they feel that the more jewelry they wear, the better, and the more they can show their importance to fashion, but this is a kind of no The embodiment of taste. In fact, although jewelry can play a finishing touch in matching, it is still jewelry in the final analysis. If there are too many, it will make your overall match lose the center of gravity, but it will have a counterproductive effect. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust according to the overall wear, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Selection suggestion: If you want jewelry matching to have the best effect and highlight your beauty, then you need to understand the matching principles of accessories and choose according to the matching principles of accessories. Things like quantity, color, and length cannot be ignored. Only by choosing according to the matching principle of accessories can you highlight your temperament to the greatest extent.

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