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Pendant knowledge one


Pendant knowledge one

     Pendants are generally a relatively special shape of the main body, and then connected with a rope or metal chain, the rope is not easy to hurt the neck, but it is easy to break after a long time.

The metal rope is better to use stainless steel or silver, both of which have no side effects on the skin, especially cater to Europeans and Americans! But the metal is hard, if the workmanship is not good, it is easy to hurt the neck, so friends should pay special attention when buying!

Selection of stainless steel pendants

There are many pendant styles and materials on the market, but stainless steel pendants are popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea! Stainless steel is more environmentally friendly, safer, and the price is more acceptable. In terms of material, it is best to choose 304 steel, 316L steel, 925 silver!

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