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Knowledge of piercing jewelry products



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In the selection of human body piercing jewelry products, commonly used materials include titanium, stainless steel, gold, silver and other materials. In 2002, people in Europe developed skin diseases because of wearing stainless steel piercing jewelry products for a long time, which aroused the attention of many European governments on piercing jewelry materials. Since 2003, the piercing jewelry market in Europe and the United States began to use healthy metal-titanium.

1. Classification

1. Flat piercing jewelry: pierce the skin with a puncture needle, pierce through the subcutaneous tissue, through the skin on the same surface, and insert the ornaments. For example: Piercing eyebrows, piercing umbilical cord

2. Penetration: Use a puncture needle to pass through the skin and flesh fibers, pierce through the other side of the skin, and insert the accessories. For example: piercing ears, tongue, lips

3. Planting beans: Use a scalpel to cut open the skin, insert the ornaments between the skin and the fat or fibrous tissue, and fit the wound together. For example: implanting drills on the shoulders, implanting drills on the forehead, and inserting beads into the genitals.

2. Healing time

Ear cartilage 6-8 weeks; earlobe 4 months-1 year; eyebrows 6-8 weeks; nostrils 2-4 months; nasal septum 6-8 months; nose bridge 8-10 weeks; tongue 4 weeks; lips 2-3 Months; nipple 3-6 months; belly button 4 months-1 year.

3. Nursing

The area around the new puncture must be kept clean so that the body parts can be perfectly combined with the jewelry. If the puncture site is covered by clothing, such as a nipple or belly button puncture, it may be infected due to sweating and friction from the clothing. Piercing workers should especially emphasize not to touch jewelry to prevent infection. Take care of the essentials of the new puncture: wash the puncture site twice a day with antibacterial soap, gently clean the puncture site and the surrounding area, and remove all hard surfaces from the puncture site and jewelry. Wash the soap with clean water, making sure that the soap and hard things on the outer skin are clean. Do not use alcohol or peroxide to clean the wound at any time. It will dry out your skin and may discolor the gold jewelry. Wash your hands with soap before touching or washing the puncture site during the healing process. During the healing period, avoid contact with other people's body fluids (saliva, sweat, etc.) and even your own sweat can irritate the puncture site. Make sure to wash the wound after all exercises to wash off sweat. Wear clean clothes. If the puncture is the ear, wash your phone, sunglasses and glasses with alcohol, and wash the part of the glasses that touches the ear with water and soap. Even the hair should not cause damage to the wound. The tongue part should be checked twice a day for the stringed jewelry (such as a barbell) in the mouth to make sure that its end is fastened tightly. If it is loose, you may swallow a piece of jewelry or cause a tooth injury. For the maintenance of the belly button, cover the puncture site with gauze. Do not wear tight clothes. When the belly button is punctured, do not wear a big belt, stockings, suits, and do not press on your belly when you sleep. Fresh air is an important factor in wound healing. Be careful when you swim and avoid washing in public swimming pools and hot tubs until the wound has healed. Tongue and lip piercing jewelry should choose an anti-bacterial, non-alcoholic mouthwash, and wash your mouth after any meal or snack. If you notice that your tongue fades due to shortness of breath, the mouthwash may kill bacteria in the mouth itself. If that is the case, you should use salt water instead of the mouthwash. People with acute inflammation or chronic skin diseases should be punctured after inflammation control and skin disease treatment. People with scars should consider carefully before puncture, because puncture may easily cause fibrous tissue proliferation, form keloids, and affect appearance. For people who are allergic to metal ornaments, the most common allergenic metal is nickel. Once allergy occurs, it can cause contact dermatitis such as redness, swelling, itching, and yellow water on the surrounding skin. Healing can continue to wear or change other materials of jewelry.

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