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Knowledge of the bracelet


The role of the bracelet is roughly in three aspects: one is to show identity and highlight individuality; the other is to beautify the arm; and the third is to protect the body. The bracelet is generally worn on the left hand. The gem-set bracelet should be attached to the wrist. If it is not set with gems, it can be worn loosely on the wrist. Only pairs of bracelets can be worn on the left and right wrists at the same time.

 Knowledge of the bracelet

The function of the bracelet as a token is getting weaker and weaker, but it is still the most beautiful scenery on the wrist of girls. Classic and modern are inadvertently linked together. The girl wearing the bracelet may no longer know the ancient women’s wrist. The jade bracelets often bear the trust of the oath.

Like earrings, necklaces, and rings, bracelets, as a kind of jewellery, are used as accessory decorations of clothing, as works of art to decorate themselves, and as a means of dressing up for personal style and hobbies, they are being accepted by more and more people. And use. The aesthetic function of wearing a bracelet is often the first.


Bracelets are generally made of jade or metal. Jade, Hetian jade, agate, Nanyang jade, Xiu jade, Lantian jade, Aventurine jade, cat's eye, hibiscus jade, Afghan jade, white jade and other jade are all materials for processing bracelets; metal materials such as gold, silver, Stainless steel, titanium steel, tungsten steel, copper, etc.

Color: Jade experts attach great importance to color. Color is not only an important criterion for evaluating the quality of jade, but also the main basis for classifying jade types.

Hardness: Hardness is one of the important signs to identify She Taicui. The hardness of minerals is a mechanical property that minerals resist the intrusion of other objects. Usually there are two kinds of hardness:

(1) Relative hardness, or Mohs hardness, is a kind of scoring hardness.

(2) Absolute hardness, also called indentation hardness. It is determined based on the weight that can be carried on the surface of the mineral. She Taicui's Mohs hardness is between 6.9 and 7.2, with slight differences between different varieties. Generally speaking, the hardness of white jade is slightly greater than that of jade. In the jewelry industry, hardness is generally regarded as an important indicator of dividing gems and jade. The hardness of gemstones is generally above 7.3 degrees on the Mohs, and the hardness of jade is generally between 4 and 7.2 degrees on the Mohs. She Tai Cui has high hardness, good polishability, easy storage, and has a certain collection value.

Density: Density is the weight per unit volume of jade. She Taicui's weight was measured with a small body weight sample and was 2.65-2.85. Different varieties are slightly different, with white jade being 2.85, green white jade being 2.65, and jade being 2.75.

Transparency: Transparency is the degree to which jade allows visible light to pass through, which is mainly related to the absorption of light by jade. Mineralogy is generally divided into four types: transparent, translucent, microtransparent, and non-transparent. She Taicui belongs to microtransparent. Under normal aggressiveness, light can be transmitted, but the image of the transmitted object cannot be clearly seen.

Luster: Luster is the ability of jade to reflect light. She Tai Cui luster belongs to glass luster. This kind of luster is not strong or weak, that is, there is no crystal inspiration of strong light, and no waxy texture of weak light, soft and delicate, and the shine can be learned.

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