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Why jewelry is more and more personal?


                                                                                                                                                                               Why jewelry is more and more personal

      Why can jewelry customization drive the discovery of the fashion jewelry industry? In the current fashion jewelry market, the vast majority of customers will choose to purchase finished goods in stock, but with the development of fashion trends, people are avoiding "bashing shirts." As a result, the spot economy has lost its advantages, and operating efficiency has been declining. However, the arrival of the customized service market allows customers to have more personalized space and solve the problem of style update.

     Compared with products in other industries, fashion jewelry is the most suitable for customization, and a mature customized market should be formed at the earliest. Because the volume of jewelry is very small, even if a single piece is customized, its mold cost is also very low. The wax of a ring of conventional size weighs less than 1 gram, plus the cost and loss of the mold, the cost of a single piece of mold is only tens to hundreds of dollars, which is almost negligible for the value of the jewelry itself. The cost of single-piece customization is not much different from the cost of mass production. Customization of clothing is not enough. The cost of single-piece customization is at least more than double that of mass production.    

      In addition, the process of jewelry processing from the mould down is all done manually or semi-manually, and it is very mature and can be very flexible to deal with various complex processes and personalized orders. However, it is still difficult to customize a single piece of products in other industries that use mechanized processing. It is either complicated equipment or high mold and processing costs. Therefore, in terms of customization, jewelry products have inherent advantages.


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