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discover the sleek signature look of movado watches

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-04-29
As early as 1881, the watch began to make exquisite watches, and finally filed a patent for innovative movements and automatic watches.Since the establishment of the company, the Movado watch has been considered as a gift for some of the most elegant and luxurious watches a person can wear or give to others.One of the most popular Movado watches is the Swiss quartz Museum Dial stainless steel bracelet watch.
For today\'s women, this is definitely a stylish and modern watch.This watch includes round silverA polished stainless steel case with a sun pattern on the back of the case.The dial is beautiful and features a round black backing featuring the iconic silver of MovadoMark the tone points at 12: 00.
The hand is also silver in seconds-So is the stainless steel strap.Swiss quartz movement ensures you-Or the lucky lady you gave her this timeless watch.Important appointments or events will never be late.
Another popular watch is S.
Watch with stainless steel watch chain.
As elegant and stylish as a woman\'s swing, this one is definitely male in design.This stainless steel watch chain features a chain ring shape, and the black dial features a reliable Swiss quartz movement.The hand is silver in seconds-Tone, like the signature Movado dot at 12: 00.
The watch is also waterproof 100 feet (30 m) and is a fine watch to wear when boating, skiing or enjoying other water sports.But it\'s also an awesome watch in the conference room.Therefore, no matter what activities he likes, anyone will wear this watch with comfort and pride.
The smooth is not only silvertone.
Women\'s Gold-The hue stainless steel bracelet watch is a good example of the glitter that makes the lady\'s eyes shine.This watch has the iconic look of the Movado black dial and countless faces and is extremely feminine.All of the other watches made in mofando are durable and functional, offering Swiss quartz movement and sapphire crystal.
Any woman who likes the look of gold will love the shine that Rondiro gives off.Men can also enjoy the look of gold when they put on a man\'s Juro 2-Watch with stainless steel bracelet.This exquisite watch features a black surface that identifies it as a Movado design, while an hour and minute pointer12: 00-are in gold-tone.
The circle is golden.
Although the stainless steel bracelet is mostly silver, so is its toneTone of some gold accent links.The crystal is Sapphire and the movement is Swiss quartz with elegant appearance.Business women usually want their accessories to be like businessmen, but without losing the feminine qualities they hold dear.
Women\'s Military Swiss quartz black dial double-Tone Watch meets the goals of such commercial women.The stainless steel round case is gold-Surround the famous black movan dial with matching gold tonesTone baffles, and pointers for hours and minutes.Stainless steel bracelet is silver-This subtle gloss will not detract from the business, but will not detract from the elegance of your women.
This is a stylish and lovely watch that you will be proud to wear.Gentlemen also appreciate a watch that looks business but shows the world a handsome face.Men\'s Luno Swiss quartz round silver-Tone Case watch is one of them.
The dial is silver this time-Hue matching stainless steel case and bracelet.Match the hands of hours and minutes and rotate safely under the elastic sapphire crystal.The second mark revolves around the outer edge of the face, and there are Mo fanduo marks at 12: 00.
This is a you-or a friend—Cherish forever.Ladies, your watch will not be more fashionable than the women\'s harmony Swiss quartz stainless steel bracelet watch.The round stainless steel case is surrounded by black Movado face and goldSound hour and second hand.
Stainless steel bracelet is silver-tone with gold-Accent, as stylish as a fine piece of jewelry.This is a luxurious and reliable female watch.Wherever you go, you will want to wear it.
Valor tungsten alloy bracelet watch is another example of men\'s fashion beauty.This watch features a rectangular black surface with silverThe pointer to the tone hour and minute, with the signed Movado point mark at 12: 00.The name of the world is under the dot, announcing to the world that this is one of the best clocks ever.
This bracelet is made of tungsten steel with toughness and beauty, the movement is Swiss quartz and anyone who is picky wants it to be reliable.Each Movado watch is packed in a signed Movado box with setup and instructions for operation.But there will be recipients of the watch inside-or yourself—Every time the watch is worn, smile with joy.
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