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Daily maintenance skills of stainless steel jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-06

How to better maintain stainless steel jewelry, Foshan KEKE jewelry processing factory will talk about daily maintenance today:

After the stainless steel jewelry processing factory produces stainless steel jewelry, there will be a layer of metal plating film on the surface. Some jewelry brands usually indicate that they must pass the salt spray test for 24, 48, and 72 hours during production.

As long as you can pass this test, plus your daily wear and care, the color retention time of more than 3 years is not a problem! KEKE jewelry processing factory will share the daily skills next:

Stainless steel jewelry maintenance common sense:

1. Since most chemicals are highly corrosive or oxidizing, please avoid contact with chemicals;

2. It is not advisable to wear accessories before makeup;

3. Avoid violent collision and friction, so as not to scratch the jewelry;

4. Because human sweat contains various salts, it is not advisable to wear accessories when sweating a lot;

5. For your safety, please remove the jewelry when you sleep;

6. It is not advisable to wear it when taking a bath, so as to avoid losing the jewelry due to slippery in contact with water.

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