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How to wear a necklace


                                                                                                                                                How to wear a necklace

1. People with a stubby neck should not use wide, short or multi-layered necklaces. They should choose longer and thinner necklaces to increase the slenderness of the neck with the pendant.

2. People with a slender neck should use a shorter and wider necklace, preferably a multi-layer ring necklace, so that the slender neck is shorter.

3. People with an oval face should use a medium-length necklace. The necklace forms an oval on the neck, which can bring out the graceful contours of the face.

4. In summer, women wear open-necked clothes with obvious naked necks. Necklaces can be worn close to the body to bring out the effect of adding beauty.

5. Necklaces should be shorter, the neckline should show a thin and thin necklace that can not only show the beauty of women, but will not feel empty, wear small open-necked clothes and wear longer necklaces, but the accessories should not be too long, otherwise it is not easy


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