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The principle of wearing jewelry


                                                                                                                                        The principle of wearing jewelry

       In daily life, the proper collocation will make you radiant and show your beauty to the fullest. Remember these six collocation principles to become the most prominent self.

1. Quantity principle.

If multiple types of jewelry are worn at the same time, there are no more than three types. No more than one piece of similar jewelry (except bracelets and rings). For example, when wearing a necklace, do not wear two at the same time. If it is too complicated, it will cause discomfort.

2. The principle of texture.

If you wear two or more pieces of jewelry at the same time, it is best to choose jewelry of the same texture. The advantage of this is that it can make the overall look consistent and not too cumbersome.

3. Color principle.

According to the clothing adjustment, if it is commuter clothing, choose some relatively simple ones. Multifunctional style is very good, don't wear several colorful jewelry, otherwise you will dress up as a Christmas tree.

4. Body shape principle.

Choose jewelry according to your own physical characteristics, try to maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses. If the figure is petite, it is suitable for some small and delicate jewelry, such as small K gold necklace. If you are tall, you can choose some heavier jewelry, such as a large pearl necklace.

5. Seasonal principle.

According to seasonal changes, the dressing style is different in different seasons, and the matching of jewelry is naturally different. Choose some golden and dark jewelry in autumn and winter, and silver and bright jewelry in summer.

6. Clothing principles.

According to clothing collocation jewelry, the texture, color and style of clothing can be different. You can match the clothing style, such as dating style to choose sweet jewelry, work to choose your own halo jewelry, and to choose grand jewelry for occasions.

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