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How to choose a bracelet based on your hand shape


                                                                                                                                                                                How to choose a bracelet based on your hand shape

                  The same bracelet is worn by different people, and there will be obvious differences. As a wrist ornament, the bracelet can show its unique temperament between raised hands. Just like choosing clothes, what suits you best.

      First, the slender hand girl can be said to be the luckiest, characterized by short palms and slender wrists

Every day, you can choose some small pendant bracelets or bracelets with small decorative objects, which will look shorter and more slender, beautiful and beautiful. Slender girls need to avoid choosing bracelets that are easy to loose, as well as those with wide bracelets, otherwise they will be very uncoordinated visually and easily overwhelmed. You can choose pure gold, sterling silver, k gold and other materials. These workmanship are more delicate and can better modify the hand shape.

      Second, the standard wrist is a normal thickness wrist, not fat or thin, moderate circumference

What type of bracelet is suitable for this type of wrist, and there is nothing to pay special attention to.

Although the girl with a standard wrist can control most bracelets, one thing to pay attention to is not to choose a bracelet or bracelet that is too wide, which tends to appear bloated and the wrist is stout. It is recommended to buy more bracelets that match the size of your own hand, usually the standard bracelet is between 16-18cm ~ you can also choose some bead string types, which can increase the highlights to add icing on the hand, but not too thin or too wide .

    Third, thick wrists are characterized by large palms, thick fingers, short and thick, less feminine flavor

Of course, thick wrists are also divided into two types: invisible bones and obvious bones. Thick wrists with insignificant bones look fleshy. This kind of wrist can choose a wider bracelet, which can not only cover the embarrassment of thick arms, but also Looks simple and generous. It is best not to choose tight and thin bracelets, as this magnifies the disadvantages. For girls with thick wrists with obvious bones, when choosing a bracelet, they have a wider range of papers than girls with insignificant bones. You can choose a bracelet with a thicker wristband, or multiple thin bracelets for stacking. This visually focuses on the bracelet, which can weaken the rough feel of the wrist.

The bones are not obvious, you can choose a wide bracelet, they will make your overall shape more beautiful. The bones are obvious, so you can choose a bracelet with a strong sense of design, so everyone's attention is attracted by the bracelet on the wrist.

      Fourth, the bracelet product parameters:

  Material: 316 L stainless steel, titanium steel, tungsten steel, Damascus steel, zircon

  Color:  :                                      Gold, Silver (Chrome) or according to customer requirements

   Production Standard     :        EU Jewellery Regulations 2013

   Style:                                         health stone bracelet

   Environmental protection   : RoHS certification

    Whether to customize:        can be customized (including custom LOGO)

    Five, bracelet product pictures:


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