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Questions and Answers on Ordering Foshan Keke Jewelry


                                                                                                                                      Questions and Answers on Ordering Foshan Keke Jewelry

1. Why does the shipping cycle take 20 to 30 days?

Actually, it doesn’t take long to make the goods. The time is mainly spent on communication. The customer gives us the design draft, then draws the CAD and 3D drawings, then sprays wax, makes the steel plate, laminates the film, makes the sample, and gives it to the customer. Sending samples, customer confirmation, every link in the middle, 3D drawing, wax spraying, and samples, all require customer confirmation, so that communication and modification back and forth will take longer.

2. How to ensure that the quality of the goods meets the customer's requirements?

Each process has two manual quality inspections, and the video is qualified with the customer before proceeding to the next process. Customers can also send out QC.

3. What are the customer orders?

First of all, the customer must provide the design drawing. Sometimes the customer’s design drawing is not perfect and looks good, but it does not meet the industrial production. For example, it is easy to deform without support, such as the stone is easy to fall. This requires communication and modification of the design. Picture; or the customer fancy our style and make a simple modification and revision, such as adding a brand logo, etc.

4. How much is the mold opening cost?

Look at the product, the product is different, the price is also different, about 300, general old customers, we do not charge the mold opening fee, or new customers have to pay the mold opening fee first, after the order quantity exceeds 300 pieces, we can return the version fee .

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