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How to choose the brooch according to the face shape?


                                                                                                                                                            How to choose the brooch according to the face shape?

1. Heart-shaped: Face. The heart-shaped face is a sweet face with natural and pleasant characteristics. In the choice of brooch, you can choose the cute brooch that suits your temperament, such as lively and playful flower and bird brooch, English letter brooch and so on.

2. Long face: Long face looks better when wearing a brooch, and you should wear both sides when wearing a brooch. The brooch in the picture below is on the left and right, far from the face. The brooch forms a trend, forming a triangle with earrings, widening the horizontal width, making the overall shape more full and harmonious.

3. Oval face: The outline of the oval face is relatively round. When choosing a brooch, you should choose a brooch with a curved design. The closer to the face, the better the effect.

4. Tapered face: The tapered face looks sharper chin, so in order to balance the visual effect of the sharp chin, you can use a larger brooch to wear under the vertical line of the ear, you can only wear it on one or both sides. There is a balanced facial effect.

5. Square face: Girls with square face will be tougher in style, so when choosing a brooch, you can choose a softer design style, such as flowers, birds, insects, cartoon brooches.

6. Round face: When choosing a round face brooch, in fact, you don't need to think too much, just choose the style you like. However, it is not recommended to choose a brooch that is too large, otherwise the brooch will steal the limelight.


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