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How does the jewelry factory design and develop a new product?


                                                                                                                     How does the jewelry factory design and develop a new product?

      Everyone knows that the style update in the fashion industry is very fast. How should the jewelry factory keep up with the trend to design and develop new styles? Let’s introduce how our Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. designs and develops new jewellery products.

     Everyone should be familiar with the name of the jewelry designer. The stainless steel jewelry factory wants to design a perfect product, and the designer alone cannot accomplish it. In the jewelry factory, the position of designer is very detailed. Generally, we design a new product into three parts.

The first part is the hand-painted designer:

Everyone should know about hand-painting, that is, when our designers have inspiration, we first use hand-painting to draw products on paper. Hand-painting is also the original soul of the product. The biggest advantage of hand-painting is that it can quickly record the inspiration in the heart and follow the changes of intention, so hand-painting has been passed down for thousands of years.

The second part draws a graphic design drawing:

After you are satisfied with the hand-painted picture modification, you should start to draw the graphic design on the computer based on the hand-painted picture. In fact, drawing the graphic design is to prepare for the 3D drawing behind us (because the 3D drawing is more troublesome to modify). By designing a flat picture, it is actually helping the hand-drawn picture to be moved to the computer to add the size, and then modify it to the best effect.

The third part is the 3D design drawing:

    3D design drawing is also the most important part of jewelry design at present. Because the shape drawn by the 3D picture is the shape of the final product. Therefore, the 3D drawing is a test of the skills of our draftsmen. Our different 3D drafters on the same product have different product effects because everyone’s imagination and experience are different.

      Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. uses 316L stainless steel for the design and production of jewelry, which is environmentally friendly and tough, non-allergenic, and corrosion-resistant. 30 design engineers provide one-to-one customized services to help provide unique styles and enhance brand competitiveness. ODM can be provided for similar samples/new models/revisions. OEM customers can accept custom processing with drawings.


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