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What are the precautions for titanium steel jewelry


                                                                                                                                   What are the precautions for titanium steel jewelry

     Titanium steel jewelry, also known as stainless steel jewelry, is one of the jewelry worn in the fashion trend. Although the material is wear-resistant, care is not taken in maintenance, and the surface is easy to wear, which accelerates the fading of the jewelry coating. Therefore, it is necessary to have the correct method to maintain the stainless steel jewelry.

Under common conditions in daily life, titanium steel jewelry will be damaged, including squeezing, twisting, bumping, pulling, etc. In addition, it will also cause some chemicals, human sweat, high temperature, humidity, etc. The jewelry will also suffer a certain degree of loss. Therefore, we need to maintain the jewelry according to the above situation. You can learn the following four methods to meet the maintenance needs.

1. Titanium steel jewelry should avoid contact with acid, alkali, salt and other substances, such as alkaline water, lime water, etc., to prevent the surface of the jewelry from being corroded by chemical substances.

2. When carrying heavy objects, the jewelry should be removed to prevent the jewelry from being deformed and fading due to knocking and squeezing.

3. It should be removed when performing sweaty sports or bathing or swimming to avoid electrochemical reaction and damage the protective layer of jewelry.

4. When not wearing it, avoid placing it in a humid environment, and often use cotton cloth, titanium and steel accessories to keep the surface dry.

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