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Pearl identification method


                                                                                                                                                                   Pearl identification method

       Many customers require the production of stainless steel and pearl jewelry, so how do our consumers distinguish between true and false pearls?

1. Vision: The shape of the real beads is not very regular, showing translucent jade white, yellow white, light basket color, flesh red and other natural and unique multicolored fluorescent luster; while the pseudo beads are mostly glass imitations, regular in shape and uniform in size , Generally, the surface of the beads is coated with silver powder or "glazing liquid" made of fish scales. The color is monotonous and lacks vignetting.

2. Friction: Two pearls gently rub each other, (Wuhan Hansheng Jewelry, WeChat ID: Hsy1805) will have a rough feeling, while fake pearls will have a sliding feeling.

3. Drilling: Observe whether the drilled hole is sharp and clear, and there is pigment accumulation in the drilled hole of the fake bead.

4. Cold feeling: pearls have a cold feeling on the hand, while fake beads don't.

5. Scrape the real pearl with a knife, there will be white powder!

6. Fake pearls are immaculate and have uniform particle size

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