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Precautions for stainless steel jewelry


Common sense of wearing stainless steel jewelry! Do you know those? Pay attention to the following points to avoid unnecessary cumbersomeness in daily life.

Precautions for stainless steel jewelry

1. At the beginning of wearing the ear, do not wear stainless steel jewelry while the wound is healing.

2. In the wearing process, if you have time, it is best to wipe with a fine flannel to keep the jewelry bright.

3. Remove the jewelry when swimming or bathing to avoid chemical changes on the surface after contact with sea water or pool water.

4. If there are friction scratches on the surface of the product, it is easy to accelerate the oxidation of silver or metal. Therefore, when the surface of the product is oxidized to light brown or is corroded by chlorides (such as swimming pool water), please deal with it in time.

5. Please keep the jewelry sealed when not being worn to avoid weakening of the surface luminosity.

6. Frequent wiping can also reduce the brightness of this product.

7. When doing laundry, washing dishes and cooking, please take off the ring to avoid chemicals or oil stains affecting its brightness.

8. When engaging in strenuous exercise or moving heavy objects, please try to avoid wearing this jewelry to avoid cracks and gems falling off caused by friction and collision; in order to avoid this jewelry from touching products with flavor substances, it is recommended Wear this accessory after dressing up

9. Avoid wearing this product in hot spring areas and sea water areas to prevent changes in the product due to contact with sulfides. If you accidentally touch it in time, please wash it with plenty of water first.

10. The maintenance of pearl jewelry should avoid contact with acid-alkaline substances and high temperature, otherwise it will easily destroy its effective ingredients.

11. Those with allergic skin should wear jewelry carefully. If skin allergies occur during the wearing process, please stop wearing stainless steel jewelry immediately.

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