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Types of necklace clasp


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As an important part of the necklace, the necklace clasp bears the two major responsibilities of fixing the necklace and completing the overall effect. Such an important part, do you understand it? Today, Ke Ke Jewelry Company will give you a brief understanding of what are the buckles of the necklace?

1. Spring buckle: The most common type of necklace in daily life is such an opening. The spring buckle is the most common and has many styles. The most common one we use is the mechanism port shown in the figure below. The opening and closing of the buckle is controlled by a spring-mounted mechanism, which is convenient to wear. The more delicate and delicate necklaces love it. Just be careful when using it, it won't be good if you break a certain part with improper force.

2. Concealed buckle: The concealed buckle used by big-name jewelry. The shape of the concealed buckle is basically invisible, and the gems are inlaid on it. This kind of buckle is fixed in the slot by a spring sheet, and the shape can be decorated, made into a hollow or inlaid with a gem, and you can use your creativity as you like. The shape can be round or square.

3. W buckle: You must be familiar with the "bending" shape! It is called "W buckle" or "M buckle", and the opening and closing is mainly by hand. It is mostly used for metal necklaces with good ductility, which can bear repeated bending without breaking, and has good load-bearing properties.

Four, S buckle: Similar to the "W buckle", there is also an "S buckle", which is mostly used on bracelets. When in use, you need to break it before you can wear it, so it is mostly used for metals with very good ductility. But they are not buckles that open on both sides, but one side is welded firmly to prevent the necklace from slipping off. The disadvantage is that it needs to be opened and closed by hand to be worn, which has certain limitations in materials.

5. Lobster clasp: This kind of necklace clasp is the most common one we usually use. Because of its shape resembling a lobster, it gets its name and is widely used. There are also many shapes and types, such as round buckles. The general production materials are various metals. This kind of buckle is more common in bracelets, which is convenient for adjusting the size of the bracelet. In fashion jewelry, it is widely used by designers. The disadvantage is that the appearance is not beautiful enough, the decoration is too small, and it is basically not used in high-end jewelry.

The above five kinds are the more common necklace clasps on the market, and each clasp has its advantages and disadvantages.

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