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On the handling of jewelry production samples


                                                                                                                                                                                                     On the handling of jewelry production samples

        When it comes to jewelry proofing, I believe many customers will have this idea: Will my information, design ideas, design ideas and design drawings be leaked after I look for a manufacturer to make a proof? This question is worthy of many customers to consider and choose whether the manufacturer is credible?

        In fact, when we choose jewelry manufacturers for jewelry proofing, we should consider the manufacturers in many aspects, such as: strength, quality, reputation, service and so on. Manufacturers with real strength and ability can not only make and design samples based on samples provided by customers, but also produce actual samples based on various drawings provided by customers, and even communicate and communicate with customers in the production process in time The difference between the design drawing and the actual sample, and according to the actual practicability of the sample, suggestions and improvement schemes for improving the design can be put forward.

       Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. not only provides customers with actual samples or only design drawings, or just gives a design idea or concept to manufacturers who can produce samples, and will follow up in time in each step of the production process. Guests communicate and communicate to understand the customer's ideas and intentions. If there are better ideas or suggestions, they will be promptly presented to the guests.

       Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. keeps the samples, drawings and design materials of customers separately, and they are managed by specialized local people. These will not be shown to other guests.

      Our company can sign a confidentiality agreement if customers still have concerns. For 15 years, Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. has insisted on doing so.

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