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Knowledge of jewelry customization


                                                                                                                                                Knowledge of jewelry customization

When it comes to jewelry customization, most people feel that they are far away from themselves. This is actually a big misunderstanding. Everyone thinks that there may be several reasons for being far away from themselves-reason one: personal customization is very expensive. Reason 2: I think it is enough to buy jewelry directly, there is no opportunity for customization. Today, the technical staff of Ke Ke Jewelry Co., Ltd. will tell you what the content of jewelry customization has to do with you.

1. All-round renovation and shaping of jewelry.

All-round renovation and shaping of jewelry does not mean simple cleanliness in our jewelry store. The simple cleaning of jewelry is to put the jewelry in an ultrasonic machine for cleaning. This operation can only clean the oil and dust on the surface of the jewelry. Comprehensive renovation and shaping refers to repeating all the manufacturing processes of jewelry, including checking the looseness of gem inlays, re-polishing of precious metal surfaces, re-plating of precious metal surfaces, plastic welding adjustment of metal deformation, etc. All in all, it is a brand new piece of jewelry.

2. Repair after damaged jewelry.

Fracture or defect of jewelry metal, loss of gems on jewelry, broken jade, broken jade bracelet, etc. In fact, it can be repaired by the designer's design and craftsmen.

Moreover, the repair cost is not sky-high. Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. can give various budget repair plans based on the value of the jewelry itself, and can wear a piece of jewelry after repair; (Generally, the production cost is 300-3000 yuan Between) except for special circumstances and sizes;

3. Customized wedding anniversary.

The wedding diamond ring is essential. Buying an ordinary ring style and spending the same money or more cost-effective money to customize a unique diamond ring is an attitude choice.

4. Personalized jewelry gift customization.

As a gift, jewelry has both value preservation value, commemorative value and emotional value. It is the absolute first choice for high-end cultural gifts; such as letter name necklaces, brooches, zodiac jewelry, constellation jewelry, etc.

5. All kinds of gem inlay customization.

Nowadays, since traveling has basically become one of our daily activities, people often buy some local gems, such as colorful gems, rubies, sapphires, pearls, emeralds, crystals, etc. from all over the world. Since gems cannot be worn by themselves, they cannot be worn as jewelry with them;

6. Customized corporate jewelry.

Corporate gifts are usually daily necessities, stationery, etc. With the progress of society, corporate gifts have gradually increased. While spreading the corporate culture, it can also make the gift recipients feel the beauty of the gift and culture.

Jewelry has gradually become one of the best carriers for corporate gifts. Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. can provide corporate customers with customized services for corporate jewelry gift design

The pendant on the neck of Shenzhen Airlines flight attendant is estimated to be seen by everyone on airplanes. This is a good way to use corporate jewelry; corporate culture and jewelry are perfectly integrated.

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