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Jewelry wearing knowledge


                                                                                                                                                                       Jewelry wearing knowledge

         Nowadays, wearing rings is no longer a patent for women. Nowadays, male compatriots like to wear all kinds of rings, and some even wear several. So what is the point of wearing multiple rings?

1. There are many skills to match two rings.

When two rings are worn on the same hand, they should be worn on the adjacent fingers. Do not wear them separately, otherwise the hands will look bigger and thicker. The styles of the two rings must be the same except for the matching position. When wearing three rings or twisted rings, be sure not to wear single rings.

If one piece of gold and one silver is also good, then don't wear complicated, colorful design rings, because this will make your hands look very dazzling and dazzling.

2. The skill of wearing a ring for people with yellow skin.

People with yellow skin should not wear purple and rose gems. If you like, you can choose a gold ring to cover up the shortcomings of inconsistent gems.

3. Tips for people with pink skin to wear a ring.

People with pink skin can wear brown gems without being too conspicuous. Platinum or silver rings are also suitable.

4. How to match rings, bracelets, watches?

On the one hand, wearing bracelets with various rings will be more troublesome and should be avoided. Rings and bracelets should be as concise as possible. When a metal watch collides with a bracelet, it will rattle. Watches and bracelets are easy to wear, so it is best to wear them separately. Like a bracelet, it can be matched with a watch.

Wearing rings with short fingers should avoid thick-bottomed buttons and complicated designs.

People with fingers should wear a thick ring. If the ring is too thin or the gemstone is too small, it will make people feel that the finger is too thick. A slightly twisted or right-angled design will make the fingers look slimmer. Large gemstones or single gemstone designs also have the effect of hiding thick fingers.

People with thick knuckles are suitable for wearing thick rings. The gemstones are too large and the ring is too thin to look unbalanced and easy to slip off. For example, gemstones and diamonds, and the bottom of the ring is thicker, and the knuckles are not so obvious, which makes people look very comfortable.

5. Bracelet wearing skills for different occasions.

Wearing bracelets, bracelets and other accessories should be consistent with the overall outfit. There are casual and evening makeup. Casual bracelets are generally made of wood, bone, plastic, shells, ceramics, etc.; evening makeup bracelets are made of gold, silver, diamond inlays, etc., which look graceful and luxurious under the light. The temperament of the wearer.

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