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Knowledge of pearl jewelry


                                                                                                                                                                   Knowledge of pearl jewelry

. Identify real and fake pearls

1. Friction: When two pearls are rubbed lightly with each other, there will be a rough feeling, while the fake pearl will have a sliding feeling.

2. Drilling holes: Observe whether the drilling holes are clear and clear, and the drilling holes of the fake beads have pigment accumulation.

3. Color: The color of each pearl is slightly different, in addition to its own color, it also has a secondary color, but the color of each fake pearl is the same, and only the original color, no secondary color.

4. Cold feeling: Pearls have a cold feeling on the hand, but fake beads do not.

 how to choose pearls

1. Shape - divided into three types: round beads, commensurate beads, and shaped beads, and the value is also a three-level system. Rounded pearls are the most valuable.

2. Luster - reflected from the surface and interior of the pearl, the brighter the luster, the better.

3. Color - There are basically five colors of pearls: black, pink, white, apricot, and secondary colors are the surface colors above their own colors. Pearls with secondary colors are relatively brighter.

4. Flaws -- pearls without flaws are extremely rare and very expensive. Generally, pearls have small flaws, which do not affect their appearance.

 the maintenance of pearls

1. Avoid contact with perfume, cosmetics, acid and alkaline substances.

2. Do not take a bath with pearls, because hot water with too high temperature will affect the luster of pearls.

3. When not wearing pearls, wrap them in silk and put them in the jewelry box to avoid grinding and collision with hard objects.

4. Gently wipe pearls that have been worn for too long with a damp towel or soft cloth. It is best to take them to a pearl shop for cleaning every six months.


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