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Women's fashion accessories


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——If you have a more traditional concept, a bracelet with a floral pattern and a cross pattern must be suitable; if you think the ordinary silver bracelet is too simple, the leaf pattern bracelet can make the whole bracelet feel special.

——Casual clothes are suitable for matching sterling silver rings with unique designs and exaggerated shapes; professional clothes are suitable for matching sterling silver necklaces with concise styles and slender shapes; lively and cute ones are suitable for wearing a silver bracelet with a small bell.

——Pay attention to the matching of silver jewelry inlaid with gemstones. Silver inlaid turquoise should be matched with black clothing, which will highlight the nobility of the wearer; silver inlaid red coral jewelry should be matched with white clothing, so as to set off people's purity; inlaid with colored gemstones The silver jewelry is suitable for young girls to wear, and mature women can choose silver jewelry with solid color gemstones.

  The popular matching method presented this year is to match more than two kinds of silver jewelry with each other, that is, to hang two different styles of pendants in the same necklace to create a unique feeling. If the silver jewelry itself has a stronger sense of shape, it is recommended to adopt a key combination, such as simple decorations such as a single pendant necklace or a ring. The silver ornaments, which are full of urban atmosphere, can be matched with slender shirts or plain sweaters, naturally exuding elegant charm.

    Foshan Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 925 silver jewelry, 925 rings, 925 bracelets, 925 necklaces, and 925 pendants.


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