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Three methods of identification of stainless steel jewelry


                                                                                                                                      Three methods of identification of stainless steel jewelry

First, the difference in color:

The surface color of the acid-washed stainless steel bracelet is silver-white and smooth: chrome-nickel stainless steel is silver-white and jade-colored; chrome-nickel stainless steel is slightly grayish and weak in luster; chrome-manganese-nitrogen stainless steel is similar in color to chrome-nickel stainless steel and slightly lighter.

The surface color of the stainless steel bracelet without pickling: chrome nickel steel is brownish white; chrome steel is brownish black; chrome manganese nitrogen is black (these three colors refer to the color with heavier oxidation). Cold-rolled unannealed chrome-nickel stainless steel with silver-white reflective surface. In addition to the original steel, stainless steel is generally white after pickling.

Second, use magnets to identify:

Magnets can basically distinguish two types of stainless steel bracelets. Because chromium stainless steel can be attracted by magnets in any state; chromium-nickel stainless steel is generally non-magnetic in the annealed state, and some will be magnetic after cold working.

However, the high manganese steel with higher manganese content is non-magnetic; the magnetic situation of chromium-nickel-nitrogen stainless steel is more complicated: some are non-magnetic, some are magnetic, and some are non-magnetic in vertical and magnetic in transverse.

Therefore, although magnets can basically distinguish between chromium stainless steel and chromium-nickel stainless steel, they cannot correctly distinguish some steel types with special properties, let alone specific steel grades.

Third, use copper sulfate to identify stainless steel bracelets:

It is to remove the oxide layer on the steel, put a drop of water, and wipe it with copper sulfate. or low alloy steel.

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