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Customers from Turkey


                                                                                                                                                                    Customers from Turkey

Mr. Nikita from Turkey is the person in charge of a jewelry brand company. He traveled thousands of miles to China to find a titanium steel necklace manufacturer. This cooperation with Keke Company, all the products are designed by him, and the titanium steel necklace produced is required to be exactly the same as the size on the design drawings, without the slightest error. In other words, we need to make a plan for Mr. Nikita's necklace production process, including the length and thickness of the necklace, as well as considering the degree of wear during the polishing process and the electroplating process, so that the titanium steel necklace produced is uniform.

After negotiating with Mr. Nikita, we decided to make a sample first and then make adjustments. Five days later, the samples came out. Mr. Nikita personally went to Hengdaxin factory to inspect the titanium steel necklace OEM samples carefully and thoughtfully. He was satisfied with the length, thickness and welding point of the chain, but there were a small number of necklaces. The internal polishing of the pendant cannot meet his requirements, which is not what he wants to see. I hope all products can avoid this problem. It can be seen that Mr. Nikita is a meticulous businessman who pays attention to details and pursues quality.

Later, we adjusted the polishing process, and re-polished the defective products manually for a second time, so as to achieve the same internal gloss of all necklace pendants and avoid concave and convex surfaces. Finally, we decided to cooperate with us on 3 titanium steel necklace OEM products, totaling 36,000 pieces, with a delivery cycle of 15 days.

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