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The advantages of rings produced by keke Jewelry


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   The 925 silver, titanium steel and stainless steel rings produced by Keke Jewelry Co., Ltd. are designed and processed by an experienced team. They not only look good, but also have good quality. Now I will share with you about stainless steel and titanium steel. Advantages of rings

1. Advantages of titanium steel rings:

Titanium steel ring is a very special metal ornament. It is very hard in texture, but very corrosion-resistant. It will not turn black like silver, nor will it be allergic to accessories like copper, and it will not be caused by alloy jewelry containing lead. While poisonous, stainless steel jewelry will always maintain its color at room temperature for life. Stainless steel accessories are made of the same material from the inside out, and have been tested by artificial sweat. Its characteristics are not easy to corrode, and resistant to strong acid. Strong alkali resistance, no discoloration, no fading, no allergy, no deformation, hard, shiny, non-toxic green jewelry.

The production process of titanium steel ring

The material selected for the titanium ring is stainless steel, which is processed by casting, wire cutting, stamping, rough machining, grinding and polishing. Auxiliary various shading treatment effects: such as high frequency, high pulse process, fine shading corrosion process; hydraulic shading process; hollow etching process; high temperature enamel surface protection process and other fashion accessories.

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