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What should I pay attention to when buying pendants?


                                                                                                                                              What should I pay attention to when buying pendants?

     Pendants are also called hanging pendants and hanging pendants. They are generally used together with necklaces to enhance the decorative effect of necklaces.

There are two issues to pay attention to when choosing pendants. One is to pay attention to the matching with the necklace, and the other is to pay attention to the style characteristics of the pendant itself.

Jewelry pendants must first pay attention to maintaining the same texture as the necklace, because the pendant has two kinds of metal materials and jewelry materials.

Such as metal pendants, the pendant styles of metal jewelry pendants are varied: there are chicken heart pendants, coin pendants, zodiac pendants, lock pendants, key pendants, and Guanyin pendants. This kind of pendant is not inlaid with gems.

There are also pendants made of jewelry materials, such as jade pendants, pearl flower pendants, agate pendants, ivory head pendants, crystal bead pendants, etc.

Second, pay attention to styles and necklaces when purchasing pendants. For square wire chains with a small diameter, the pendants should be small and exquisite, the patterns should be as refined and crisp as possible, and the gems should not be too large or too many. If it is a whip chain, when choosing a pendant, a thicker heart pendant or spherical pendant is better.

Again, when choosing a pendant, pay attention to it, and its weight should be commensurate with the weight of the necklace. If the material of the necklace weighs about 10 grams, the weight of the pendant must not exceed 4-5 grams. In addition, choose less sharp corners to avoid stab yourself. You can also choose a symbolic pendant according to your specific situation, which will bring you happiness and auspiciousness.

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