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Jewelry should be cleaned frequently

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-23
Fashionable youth, especially beauty-loving women, like to wear various stainless steel accessories on their exposed skin to express their individuality. However, after wearing jewelry for less than a few days, some people develop erythema, papules, and itching on their necks and wrists. Dermatitis caused by wearing jewelry in my country's skin disease patients accounted for 9.3%.

Buy jewelry to clarify the composition of the jewelry.

In addition to gold, platinum, sterling silver, and jewelry made of other metals such as stainless steel, the popular jewelry on the market now, which material jewelry is likely to cause jewelry dermatitis?

Nickel-chrome-plated jewelry: Some jewelry is plated with gold on the outside to improve gloss, this gold contains nickel metal and chromium ions. Nickel is a highly sensitizing substance. The moisture in sweat dissolves a small amount of nickel on the surface of jewelry. After being absorbed into the skin, people with sensitive skin are likely to have allergic reactions.

Gold-plated jewelry: Some jewelry is only plated with gold and silver on the surface. If it is not made of allergy-proof material, some jewelry claims to be treated with anti-allergy, but if the surface material is worn for a long time, it may cause allergic symptoms.

Jewelry made of pure gold, sterling silver or jewelry is generally less allergic. Yu Jianbin said that if you are allergic to a certain metal, when buying jewelry, it is best to ask the salesperson or check the instructions, so as to distinguish the composition of the jewelry and the identity of the person not to buy it.

What should I do if I have jewelry dermatitis? According to Jianbin, when you have an allergic reaction to wearing metal jewelry, you must first take off the jewelry and remove the cause of the hospital inspection.

Patients can apply corticosteroid creams such as Skin Simple, Ilosone, etc. for a short period of time. At the same time, they can also be treated with antihistamines, but they cannot go untreated.

Women like to wear a variety of stainless steel rings, such as stainless steel rings to fasten the fingers for a long time, which will affect the blood circulation, and the skin, muscles, and bone depressions may become annular deformities. Also, don't wear the ring too tightly. Always take off your moving fingers and clean the accessories on time. When cooking, it is easy to hide dirt. If you don't wash it immediately, pathogenic microorganisms will multiply for a long time, which may affect your health. In addition, some girls do not take off their earrings at night, and such metal shackles or hard objects of stainless steel jewelry are easy to stab the cheeks.

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