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Tips for matching wrist accessories


                                                                                                                                                Tips for matching wrist accessories

Look at those street photographers, dazzling accessories have become a must-have "artifact" for fashionistas' concave shape. Bracelets, bracelets, rings, all worn on the hands, this level of mix and match style is very strong. Even wearing the simplest clothes casually can make you shine instantly! Have you learned this skill?

1. The sense of luxury brought out by gold is constantly superimposed, and the goal is to "blind" your eyes. Metal accessories level mix and match skills.

2. Win by quantity, mix and match style, all materials, braided rope, beads, gems, metals...if you want, you can put them together, winning by quantity is the key. If the styling is a midsummer vest, small hot pants, and a national bohemian dress, don’t worry, just put on everything in the jewelry box. Metal accessories level mix and match skills.

3. The matching of thickness and fineness, the perfect sense of styling combines the punk breath of pure metal, the softness of thin bracelets, the ethnic customs of braided rope, and the gentle temperament of thin bracelets. This combination of thick and thin, leather and metal blends perfectly. The styling is a plus point.

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