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What are the classification styles of necklaces?


                                                                                                                                       What are the classification styles of necklaces?

   What are the classification styles of necklaces

  Fashion necklaces are popular in the world, now. For example, necklaces made of titanium steel necklaces, silver, leather, glass, silk ropes, etc., are mainly for matching fashion, emphasizing novelty, strangeness, beauty and popularity.

Necklace style

The earliest jewelry. In addition to the decorative function of the necklace, the necklace is one of the ornaments of the human body. Some necklaces also have a special display function, such as the cross chain for Catholics and the rosary for Buddhists.

Also beautify the environment, since ancient times, people have been in order to beautify the human body. Necklaces with different styles, features and styles are manufactured to meet the aesthetic needs of people with different skin colors, people of the same nationality, and different aesthetics. Here, we will introduce the styles of necklaces from two aspects: materials and styles.

In the domestic market, there are mainly square silk chains, verbena, double and triple chains, fancy chains, and machine-made chains. In terms of style.

1 square wire chain

It is refined by hand and processed into semi-finished products from gold or silver through mechanical processing. Its light diameter is more suitable for people with slender necks, and it has a slender and beautiful decorative effect.

2 whip chain

At the same time, it can also be used as data for fancy chains. The riding-whip chain is relatively strong and strong, mainly processed by hand and made of 24K gold. It is more suitable for older people.

3 double sets of chains and three sets of chains

However, the three-dimensional effect is strong and the processing technology is complicated. Elegant and beautiful, girls wear more elegant style. However, the connection is not strong enough to be repaired.

4 fancy chain

Its style changes quickly, a novel style. Very popular with young people. Some of these necklaces are composed of square silk chains or horse-whip chain clips; they are also composed of rugged chain bodies with various embellishments, and some are combined with jewels to make them more gorgeous.

5 mechanism chain

In appearance, there are often many abstract patterns such as fret, streamline, and three-dimensional. All formed by machining.

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