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Every bit of life is the elegance of jewellery


                                                                                                                                 Every bit of life is the elegance of jewellery

        Huang Lili

  Well-known jewelry designer in China, currently the design director of Foshan keke jewelry

   Director of China Creative Jewelry Designers Association and Director of China Enamel Art Association

   He is good at using observations of small things in life, and every bit is turned into inspiration to deduce elegant French jewelry.

A woman who does not forget the love of life, the persistence and unique vision of beauty, is not only a manifestation of beauty or technology, but a work of art, a poem, a landscape, a period of time, a story, and even life. The touches in the middle details can be transformed into a gradation of color in one stroke and one place through her ingenuity, which has become Xie Xinjie's injecting deep emotional soul into French jewelry. Not only jewelry, but custom-made wedding rings are also another beauty Xie Xinjie explored. Everyone has a longing and romantic yearning for marriage. It is an important moment and good memory in life. She listens to the stories and ideas of the new couple, gives advice and companionship, and then reassembles the ingenious structure to create a unique story. Wedding rings, I hope to keep the beauty at my fingertips through a pair of customized wedding rings, as a testimony to precious love.

Ginkgo Beauty Series

It is a ginkgo leaf swaying lightly with the wind, just like flying butterfly wings, reflecting the colors rendered like watercolors, gorgeous and luxurious self-evident. Noble, elegant, mature and approachable like a beautiful woman.

"The creative road is endless. I only think about how to create infinite beauty in a limited time." Huang lili's design process began to use French desserts as creative inspiration, to the transformation of life experience, what she aspires more Present the timeless classics of jewelry to the world.

        Like a girl who matures into an elegant woman full of charm, with solid art design skills, natural color aesthetic taste, and unchanging original intentions, she is still like the original little girl, exploring the endless art of jewelry. Combining jewellery and art, let people taste the quiet and good years brought by jewellery. This is the memory of youth-about that year's youthful era, the unforgettable days when the flowers bloom. It is the happiest, the most sincere, and the most beautiful time with the pink and tender gleam and the deepest memories.


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