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How much is the jewelry processing price?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-29
How much is the jewelry processing price? KEKE Jewelry Factory
How much is the jewelry processing? This question needs to be finalized from several aspects, such as what material you want to process, such as 925 silver, gold, titanium steel, brass, alloy and so on. The price of each material is different, the craftsmanship is different, and the price is naturally uneven. If you don’t even know the material you want to make, it is impossible to say how much the jewelry will cost.

If you want to know how much jewelry processing costs, after understanding the material, we also need to consider the OEM style, whether to choose the OEM jewelry style from the original samples of the jewelry processing factory, or the drawings designed by yourself, or let the jewelry The manufacturer gives you a design. These are all related to development costs, and of course they have to be calculated. Most of the styles are directly selected from the original samples. Because of the long development time and the frequent re-proofing and running-in, the actual effect will also be improved many times. The development of new styles is basically only big brands will invest in innovation.

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