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Classification of stainless steel necklaces


                                                                                                                                            Classification of stainless steel necklaces

        The stainless steel necklace is mainly composed of two parts: the chain body and the buckle. The chain body can be made up of a single pattern chain link repeatedly, or it can be made of various gems and flower pieces, mainly divided into the following categories:

        1. Ingot chain

        It is made of stainless steel, and the whole necklace consists of only one pattern repeatedly connected. The main styles are: horsewhip chain, single chain, double chain, three chain, lucky chain [also known as square chain], Venetian chain, also known as box chain, cloud head chain, S-shaped chain, side chain, flower blue Chain, squirrel chain, denim chain, Nk chain, string chain, square wire chain, twist chain, two-file chain, four-file chain, square chain, inter-bead chain, round bead chain, etc.

        2. Fancy chain

            Many stainless steel necklaces made of two or more different styles of stainless steel chains or flower pieces are inlaid with diamonds or gems. Fancy chain styles include: diamond-inlaid chain, treasure-inlaid chain, egg-shaped lace chain, blessed life chain, round tube chain, bead-inlaid chain, mother-child chain, etc.

        3. Multi-purpose chain

        Belongs to a stainless steel necklace with relatively special specifications, craftsmanship, and design. In addition to being used as a necklace, it can also be used as a bracelet, pin, earring, etc. through simple assembly and disassembly. If the short chain at both ends of the multi-purpose fancy chain is removed, it becomes two short bracelet chains, and the stitch on the back of the center piece of inlaid ornaments becomes a brooch again. The design and manufacture of multi-purpose chains are relatively complicated.

        4. Stainless steel necklace

        The stainless steel necklace is a kind of ultra-short chain, its length is only enough to enclose the neck, so it is also called "card neck chain", and its variety and style are similar to the Wubao chain.

        5. Collar

            The appearance of this kind of jewelry is similar to the stainless steel necklace, but it is not like a necklace that can move every link. Except for the side of the spring clasp, it has almost no or only one or two movable joints, so the necklace is also called a hard stainless steel necklace

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