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Introduction to the knowledge of lip nails


                                                                                                                                                                  Introduction to the knowledge of lip nails

Lip studs are decorative objects that pierce the lips. They are generally worn in the middle of about 3/8 of the red part of the lips. They can give some people a sense of beauty and arouse some people's feelings. It is recommended to wash them frequently.

In the past, only the upper echelons of society would decorate their lips with flawless gold to make it more colorful. In Africa, women of the makololo tribe of Malawi wear a metal plate called pelele on their upper lip to awaken the men of the same tribe.

The tribesmen in central and southern Africa pierced their lower lip and stretched the pierced hole to fill the plank. Lip studs are now common among the general public, and most of them wear lip studs on the lower lip. Although lip nails on the upper lip have become popular recently, such as Madonna,

Lip piercing ornaments are generally worn in the middle of about 3/8 of the red part of the lips, passing through or just above the middle seam of the chin. Except for the middle part of the lips, you can't pierce them, and you can do any other places. In order not to produce resistance to the teeth, piercing nail rings should be worn.

Because there is a natural mucus-producing film inside the lips, if the piercing hole is left empty, it will reclose, even after the piercing has healed. Wearing the upper lip nail on the lips may cause the degradation of the inner lips. Generally, the suitable position is the lower lip.

T-shaped lip nails are designed to reduce gum erosion. The tail should be placed in an appropriate position below the notch of the dental floss, and the puncture should not be too high.

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