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Classification of 925 silver


                                                                                                                                                      Classification of 925 silver

925 silver refers to adding 7.5% copper to silver when making jewelry. This alloy containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper is called standard silver internationally. Also known as Sterling in the UK.

1. Plain silver

925 silver is plated with white rhodium (called platinum in the industry), which can delay the yellowing and blackening of silver under oxidation or vulcanization to the greatest possible extent. In the industry, 925 silver without platinum plating is called "plain silver", and plain silver is relatively easy to oxidize in the air.

2. Thai silver

925 silver

A specialty of Thailand, the standard is also the silver content of 925. The traditional silver-burned blue retro craftsmanship is used, and the silver jewelry is made by hand. The silver jewelry is very hard and not easily deformed. It is inlaid with natural gems, semi-precious stones and animal teeth, horns, claws and other items. Silver jewelry is generally higher than the machine assembly line processing, but it is still favored by many consumers who pursue individuality and uniqueness.

In many small jewelry shops selling first flower clips, there is also a kind of old synthetic metal that is copied from Zhejiang and other regions. It is also called Thai silver or Tibetan silver. In fact, it is only lead-tin-plated synthetic metal. , Not real Tibetan or Thai silver.

In the industry, Thai silver is produced in Thailand, and silver jewelry with a silver content of more than 92.5% can be called Thai silver.

3. Miao Yin

The Miao nationality is an ethnic group that likes to wear silver ornaments. Silver ornaments are the most favorite traditional ornaments of the Miao nationality and are mainly used for women's decoration. There are various types of silver jewelry, from head to toe, everywhere, including headwear, neckwear, shoulder decorations, chest decorations, waist decorations, arm decorations, foot decorations, etc., which cooperate with each other to reflect the perfect overall decorative effect. In the Miao nationality, if someone gives birth to a daughter, from the moment she is born, the parents will begin to prepare the dowry for the girl, and this dowry is silver jewelry.

According to historical records, Miao silver ornaments began to develop in southeastern Guizhou since the Ming Dynasty, and it has become a unique cultural feature of the Miao nationality. When people come to Southeast Guizhou, they will buy a few Miao silver ornaments as gifts for their relatives and friends. Miao silver is generally made by adding other alloys (such as copper) and 99 silver to make jewelry. Generally, Miao silver contains less than 15% of silver. The silver content of Miao silver sold in the market has become lower and lower, and the cost of Miao silver bracelets is a few pieces. , Will be sold to the lowest price of 50.

4. Tibetan silver

Generally, it does not contain silver, which is the elegant name of cupronickel (copper-nickel alloy). Traditionally, Tibetan silver is 30% silver and 70% copper, but even such traditionally crafted "Tibetan silver" has been seen on the market. Not anymore, most of them are replaced by complete cupronickel.

All kinds of fake silver: made of other metals and coated with a layer of silver to deceive customers. In the jewelry department appraisal, because the inspection is only part of the surface layer, but because the outside is plated with a thin layer of 999 silver or 925 silver, it is very easy to be identified as 999 pure silver or 925 silver. It is recommended that when inspecting silver jewellery, the most reasonable method is to cut a section of the silver jewellery from the middle and inspect the innermost part of the middle.

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