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The meaning of anklet



                                                                                                                                                                                    The meaning of anklet

Earrings on ears, necklaces on necks, bracelets on wrists, rings on fingers. Any place can light up today's 100% dress. However, in addition to paying attention to these, there is also an adornment, which is also essential. That is the anklet.

There is an ancient legend in the West that when men wear anklets for women, they can "lock" their lives together and accompany them along the way. Not only that, but also to hold on to the afterlife-you can still find each other in your next life, and then continue to lead.

In eastern culture, anklets represent nostalgia. Because the anklet is worn on the ankle, it is called "ankle chain" and is a homonym for "reminiscence". Therefore, if you miss your family, loved ones, and the good old days, half of them will wear anklets and pin your emotions.

In traditional culture, a woman's foot belongs to a very private part. Even today, the delicate decoration on the ankle has a "sultry" attribute.

So what is the special meaning of anklet?

Anklet, also called foot chain. Wearing anklets can attract the attention of others and pay attention to the wearer's feet. For example, exquisite stainless steel anklets highlight the slenderness of the ankle.

Wearing the left foot of the anklet can prevent the villain and absorb energy to drive away bad luck; wearing the right foot of the anklet can attract money and expel negative energy.

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