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Do jewelry factories repair jewelry?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-31
Does Foshan Jewelry Factory repair jewelry?
If the stainless steel jewelry is broken, will it be repaired by Foshan Jewelry Factory? In other words, if you find a factory for repairs yourself, will they provide such repair services? The author of Foshan Jewelry Factory below will give you the answer.

Generally speaking, Foshan jewelry factories do not provide jewelry maintenance services, because the factory mainly produces jewelry OEM, and a large number of goods need to be rushed every day, so there is no need to provide maintenance services, which not only takes time, but also consumes labor , not worth the loss. However, if there is a quality problem with the goods taken from the Foshan Jewelry Factory, it is possible to provide customers with repair services at this time.

If the Foshan jewelry factory cannot provide repair service, it will also replace the jewelry for free or make a refund. In contrast, Foshan jewelry factory will have more advantages for other jewelry factory services, so more people are willing to cooperate with Foshan jewelry factory. After all, guaranteed factories are the preferred choice of customers.

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