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Can the jewelry factory be retailed?


                                                                                                                                        Can the jewelry factory be retailed?

      Will the jewelry factory do retail? Buying a piece of jewelry at a price of about 100 yuan at a jeweler may only cost 60 yuan or even lower at the factory. The price difference is several times, so I want to find a jewelry manufacturer to buy a few pieces of jewelry directly.

     Whether jewelry manufacturers will do retail depends on whether they have opened online or physical stores. But even if there is, the price will not be as cheap as the ex-factory price, at most a little cheaper than the third-party distributor, but since it is a factory, the after-sales service is definitely much better than the distributor.

     Jewelry factories mainly produce by following orders and ship in bulk. The gross profit of a piece of jewelry is about 30% of the cost, so the ex-factory price is very low, while the retail prices of distributors and e-commerce companies are at the ex-factory price. The basis is doubled several times, so the price will definitely be high.

      If the jewelry factory has inventory, it will occasionally retail, and the price will definitely be so low that you will be surprised.

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