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How to choose the titanium steel earrings that suit you?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-15
How to choose the titanium steel earrings that suit you? KEKE jewelry factory
Before producing and processing titanium steel jewelry, many factories will inspect the style according to the consumer groups in the market, and then choose popular styles to design and produce, and the same is true for earrings. So how should our consumers choose titanium steel earrings that suit them in the face of popular styles?

1. You can choose the style that suits your age. Young women can choose various styles. Girls try not to choose large earrings. They can choose geometric titanium steel earrings such as triangles and circles to show the youthful personality and personality of young people. vitality.

Second, consider the matching degree of titanium steel jewelry and clothing, the color of the clothing is light, and the titanium steel earrings can choose a darker color to highlight the key points, and the color of the clothing is bright on the contrary. KEKE jewelry processing factory recommends that you can wear simple and simple earrings when wearing sports clothing, and the color should not be too bright and prominent.

3. Let the face shape help you choose. Different face shapes and degrees of fatness and thinness have different selection methods. For example, people with square faces can choose long or round titanium steel earrings to reduce the sense of edges and corners; people with round and plump faces can choose long earrings to make the face look more slender.

Fourth, choose titanium steel earrings according to different occasions, such as weddings, banquets and other festive ceremonies, the style of jewelry should be rigorously worn at ordinary times, and you can try to choose earrings with bright colors and irregular shapes to highlight the solemnity of the occasion and attract attention. .

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