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today\'s collectibles were once a throne\'s stone away : a good imitation can be a real gem to friends of faux and other costume jewelry

by:Keke Jewelry     2020-05-28
At an auction in New York, a 1960 s Lady Gripp necklace was sold for less than $100, and recently sold for $1,955.
Are there pearls and diamonds in there? No.
It has imitation gems: five emerald glass beads with small diamond beads and a medal for rhinestones and emerald glass.
Why is clothing jewelry so expensive?
One of the reasons is that it comes from designer Gripoix, who works with fashion companies to match their expensive clothes.
Another reason is that the clothing jewelry made between 1920 and 1960 is very similar to the way the fine jewelry is made.
Designers can use large sparkling rhinestones and sparkling artificial gems and pearls-
He also often works for more expensive gems-
More creative space.
Collectors are looking for works that are valued for their design and history.
Costume jewelry has a long history.
In the first century, the method of producing simulated gems was mentioned in the works of Pliny Elder.
The French government\'s decree of 1331 stipulates that it is illegal for members of the French goldsmiths association to make artificial gems because it is considered fake.
The violation resulted in whip flo or expulsion. In 15th-
Europe of the century, because it symbolizes power and lofty social status, only the royal family, nobles and clergy are allowed to wear gold, silver, precious stones or pearls.
No one else can have real or artificial decorations.
It was not until the 1650 s that when the first factory to produce a lot of imitation stones was built in Paris that the old laws were completely put on hold.
Antique Jewelry is usually a replica of a truly precious piece of jewelry. Look-
We have taken measures to prevent theft.
However, in the late 1920 s, designers stopped making fakes that looked like jewelry from Tiffany, Cartier, and Van cleyabao, and started from non-
Precious material
Material shortages during the Great Depression and the Second World War initially gave them motivation.
But later, costume and jewelry designers broke the tradition and made more bold, more lively and brighter works than their more expensive cousins. (
Coco Chanel is hailed as the word \"costume jewelry\" because she and other costume designers prefer to create artificial bijoux to complement the look of a particular outfit. )
In addition to costumes designed for top fashion companies such as Chanel, Hattie Carnegie, and skypalelli, Miriam Haskel, Eisenberg, and TrifariMass-
Market series such as Coro, Napier and Weiss have surged from their 50 s to today.
* There are hundreds of thousands of beautiful fake goods for sale now, is it too late to start collecting now? No.
Most people don\'t think clothing jewelry is a great craft with lots of antique shops, flea markets and auctions where artwork can be found at a reasonable price.
A place like this is antique 4 U at 312 N. Newport Blvd.
Newport Beach ((714)548-4123).
Whimsical necklaces made of metal, plastic and ceramics range from $19 to $200.
With Eisenberg diamond brooch and Trifari necklace, it starts at $90.
\"One thing is worth buying,\" said antique owner Nina hodorowski.
\"I have collectors who will buy any jewelry from Miriam Haskell over the phone without seeing it.
\"What are you looking for in a vintage costume jewelry?
The most important element is a good, powerful design.
It should be detailed, luxurious and charming.
Make sure the stone is ong-
There is no glue and there is no obvious repair for each stone.
Each pearl on the necklace should be tied individually.
The moving parts on the brooch or necklace are important and add value.
Flip the workpiece to check the joint and open-
Because they represent the process, the following settings.
There will usually be more signed works, but not always.
There are many different styles and colors to choose from because
Fifty years ago, gorgeous women usually wore a whole set of jewelry in a specific style: necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and earrings.
In her 30 s, dress clips were also popular when women wore a collar-free tie.
These matching brooches can be nailed to either side of the neckline or, if the back can be converted, can be worn as earrings or shoe buckles.
The brooch is the real sign.
They usually represent the image of flowers, fruits, flags, crowns, birds, animals, fish and insects.
Sometimes these pieces are filled with rhinestones (
Often set in sterling silver);
Others have artificial stones of various colors of rainbow made of glass and plastic.
Everything is well done.
Assembled by hand, each accessory has a complex joint.
Local collectors may have bought them themselves. -
Betty Moss, director of the Arts and Commerce Committee, has a Haskel brooch and earrings-
Or received them as gifts. -
Eletta Anderson from Roger Garden, Newport Beach received works from Eisenberg from her mother and grandmother.
For novice collectors of vintage costume jewelry, it\'s not too late to start.
Rummage through shoe boxes at relatives homes, check antique shops and garage sales, and find rare Wellsdesigned piece.
You may have a story to tell, just like a dealer sold Mrs Gripoix\'s faux pearl and glass diamond necklace at 6 in the morning. m. for $80.
In the next hour, another dealer bought it for $450.
At the end of the day, it costs $1,500.
For more information, see fashion costume jewelry by Jane Mulvach (
$22, River Thames and Hudson. 50);
Costume jewelry by Nancy N: Fun to collectSchiffer (Schiffer, $24. 95);
Lily Baker\'s \"fashion jewelry that can be collected for 50 years\" (
Collect books for $19. 95);
Jewelry of fantasy: clothing jewelry of the 20 th centuryCera (
Harry Abrams, $95).
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