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Titanium steel jewelry maintenance needs attention, four methods can help you

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-08-16
Titanium steel jewelry maintenance needs attention, four methods can help you
Titanium steel jewelry, also known as stainless steel jewelry, is one of the fashionable wear jewelry. It is rising because of its fashionable appearance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Although the material is wear-resistant, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, the surface will be easily worn, which will speed up the fading of the plating of k gold jewelry. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the jewelry.

KEKE jewelry processing factory has learned that it is common in daily life to damage titanium steel jewelry, including extrusion, twisting, bumping, pulling, etc. In addition, some corrosive chemicals Substances, human sweat, high temperature, humidity, etc., will also cause the jewelry to suffer a certain degree of loss.

Therefore, for the maintenance of jewelry, we need to carry out the above situation, and learning four methods can meet the maintenance needs.

1. Titanium steel jewelry needs to avoid contact with acids, alkalis and salts, such as alkaline water and lime water, to prevent the surface of jewelry from being corroded by chemical substances.

2. When lifting heavy objects, it is necessary to remove the jewelry to prevent the jewelry from being deformed and discolored by bumping and squeezing.

3. It should be removed when doing sports that are prone to sweating or bathing or swimming to avoid electrochemical reactions and damage to the protective layer of the jewelry.

4. When not wearing, it should be avoided to be placed in a humid environment, and the surface of the titanium-steel jewelry with cotton is often used to keep the surface dry.

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