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What to pay attention to before plating stainless steel jewelry


                                                                                                                     What to pay attention to before plating stainless steel jewelry?

     The rise of stainless steel jewelry in the fashion jewelry industry, because of its strong plasticity, many colors can be made through the vacuum plating process. To make stainless steel jewelry better luster before electroplating, the following points should be noted:

1. Because the surface thickness of stainless steel plates is uniform, it is easier to clean. Just remove the protective film and surface glue and impurities; in addition, some plates are placed too long and the protective film deteriorates, which makes the subsequent surface glue difficult to remove, which affects the surface cleaning.

2. The cleaning and cleaning of stainless steel components is more complicated. In addition to the obvious surface cleaning, it is also necessary to polish wax, glue, rust spots, dust, and welding at some unobvious gaps such as welding, folding, corners, etc. Slag and other impurities are removed with a cleaning agent, otherwise it is easy to cause discoloration.

3. Some substances will seriously affect the quality of vacuum coating and cause color abnormality or discoloration. Therefore, the stainless steel component manufacturer should try to avoid the above substances hidden in the component and cannot be removed during the production process, so as not to affect the subsequent vacuum electroplating color stainless steel coating quality. For example, polishing wax, salt, rosin, sand, wood, glue, plastic and other difficult-to-remove substances hidden in stainless steel pipes and invisible places.

4. In normal maintenance, try not to use cleaning agents that contain strong acids, strong alkalis, or strong decontamination capabilities, such as toilet cleaners, paint removers, metal cleaners, etc., you can use industrial alcohol to gently wipe with a soft cotton cloth, if the appearance is Dirt should also be treated with weak acid and weak base solvents.

     In addition, if exposed to harsh conditions for a long time or in contact with corrosive liquids, the PVD film will easily show up and other problems, such as swimming pools (containing fluorine), sea water (high salt content), high temperature and high humidity (steam), etc. in.

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