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Looking for a stainless steel jewelry manufacturer to re-proof, do I need to pay the proofing fee?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-10-05
Looking for a stainless steel jewelry manufacturer to re-proof, do I need to pay the proofing fee?

A customer asked about KeKe Jewelry. He had previously found a stainless steel jewelry manufacturer for proofing, and the proofing fee had already been paid. However, the sample received did not achieve the desired effect, so I need to re-proof, I don't know if it is necessary to pay the proofing fee. Today, KeKe Jewelry is here to talk to you briefly.

Due to various reasons, the effect of the sample is usually not ideal, so it is often necessary to re-proof, and re-proofing will definitely incur costs. There are generally two types of parties responsible for this fee.

1. If the size, shape, electroplating color, polishing effect, etc. of the sample are different from the original design, then the responsible party lies with the jewelry manufacturer.

2. If the sample comes out, the customer always feels that it is not perfect and needs to modify the design. Then the responsibility lies with the customer, and the customer needs to re-pay the proofing fee to the manufacturer.

This is the party responsible for the re-proofing fee for analytical samples from two perspectives. But some jewelry manufacturers will re-proof for customers 2-3 times for free.

Stainless steel jewelry manufacturers will charge proofing fees and mold opening fees before customers need to place an order for proofing. The proofing fee is generally 300-500 yuan per model. The mold opening fee is slightly more expensive. For details, you can contact KeKe Jewelry. The proofing time is generally 5-12 days, and the customer will be provided with 1-2 samples after the proofing is completed. If the customer feels that the sample needs to be slightly modified, then we will provide the customer with 2-3 times of free modification and re-proofing. Exceeding this number of times requires the customer to re-pay the proofing fee.

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