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How to match earrings of different materials?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-11-01

With the development of the times, earrings are no longer an exclusive decoration for women, and it is also normal for fashionable men to wear earrings. Choosing the right earrings can add the finishing touch to your makeup and set off your temperament.

Our common earring types:

1. Nail earrings: This kind of earrings is the most popular and common one, also known as 'stud earrings'. The needle of the earring is passed through the ear hole and secured behind the ear with a bracket. Generally, when the earrings are first worn, stud earrings are used.

2. Hanging ear studs: Two stud ear studs hang down from the ear beads, usually decorated with a string of jewelry, with different lengths. There are hanging earrings that hang down to the shoulders and are adorned with longer ornaments. They are usually used for solemn occasions and can bring out the elegant and luxurious temperament.

3. Hoop earrings: 360 degree hoop with an opening in the middle that goes through the ear hole. Many fashion people like to wear such earrings. In ancient times, the notched jade ring belonged to this kind of ring earring, called jade.

4. Hanging ear studs: It is a stud-shaped design that hangs behind the ears and has no ear holes. These hanging earrings are becoming more and more popular. For example, the 2016 Balenciaga early spring holiday series used this exaggerated metal pendant earrings.

5. Clip and magnet hanging earrings: For the convenience of people who do not wear pierced ears, some round earrings are designed as clips with ear beads. Particle-shaped or spike-shaped earrings cannot be designed as clips, and the characteristics of magnets need to be used to clip the ear beads. The magnet earrings are earrings with magnets on the outside and mini magnets with opposite magnetism on the inside. The two magnets firmly attract the ear beads.

Earrings should also match different styles and face shapes.

If you're wearing a champagne evening gown, then don't hesitate to opt for earrings with pearls of a similar hue.

Friends with darker skin should not wear earrings that are too bright and bright. They can choose to wear silver, white or gold, which can avoid the dullness of some skin tones and show elegance.

For those with fair skin, earrings with contrasting colors, such as burgundy or garnet, peacock blue, scarlet, olive green, navy, brown, purple, blue or dark colors, are suitable to complement the luster of the complexion.

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