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How much MOQ will I receive when looking for a jewelry processing factory?

by:Keke Jewelry     2022-07-19
How much MOQ will I receive when I find Foshan Jewelry Processing Factory?
Foshan belongs to the Pearl River Delta region in southeastern China where the manufacturing industry is relatively concentrated, and there are many processing manufacturers. If you want to find Foshan jewelry processing factory to manufacture jewelry, how many MOQ will the manufacturer accept? KEKE jewelry processing factory focuses on titanium steel jewelry OEM customization, let the author tell you the answer below.

Many people have such a question, does jewelry OEM need a large number of factories to accept it? The answer is not necessarily, it depends on whether the OEM jewelry is customized, whether the product process is complicated, and whether the factory has production schedules and other factors. Just like KEKE jewelry, we will also undertake small batch orders, such as a Two hundred. Because some already have samples or finished products, they do not need to re-proof, and they understand the process flow, so the operation is naturally much faster.

For stainless steel jewelry processing customization, if the process is more complicated and it is a new style, it involves mold opening and proofing. If the customized process is more complicated and time-consuming, considering the cost of the factory, it does require a certain minimum order quantity to receive, but not all customizations are like this. For example, there are some company souvenir customization, event customization styles, etc., the process is simple, this kind of OEM can be made with low minimum order and small batches.

There are so many jewelry processing factories in Foshan, how to choose a good jewelry manufacturer? KEKE jewelry processing factory has been focusing on titanium steel jewelry customized OEM for ten years. It has a professional jewelry team and multiple production equipment. It supports small batch customized OEM, customized processing with drawings and samples, on-time delivery, quality assurance, welcome friends in need contact us~

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